Shade Tree Web DesignsWhen Shade Tree Web Designs’ creates your professional web site, we do more than pick complimentary colors and graphics. Developing an eye-catching appearance is important, as well as creating an atmosphere appropriate for your audience, markets, and products. It also involves creating a memorable image that will stay with your visitors and customers. Shade Tree Web Designs understands how important all of these elements are and combines them into your new or redesigned web site.

The Shade Tree Web Designs team is comprised of 4 professionals; 1 in Web Design,1 Graphics Designer and Photographer, 1 Content Writer and 1 retired tech support person. With a combined experience of over 25 years, we will meet your expectations at a lower cost.

We have created over 250 websites to date, ranging from Lawyers to Green Products, Dog sites and Animal Health to Western Wear and Professional Rodeos, that have consistently produced over 1,880,000 page hits per year. That number will continue to grow as our client list grows.

Small businesses have limited funds, which is one of the main reasons they have hired us. We are truly an Internet business - lower overhead means savings to you. We have different plans to choose from; we know that one of them will meet your needs.

Would you like to see results like this on your website. It doesn't happen overnight but it starts with a web design team that knows what they are doing. Thank you to Highland Marina and Wiseachers for letting us be your webmasters. 

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Google analytics report for Wiseachers in October.

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