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We have a full roster of sites and are not accepting any new sites at this time.

 We will post here when we have space for new sites.

When Shade Tree Web Designs’ creates your professional website, we do more than pick complementary colors and graphics. Developing an eye-catching appearance is important, as well as creating an atmosphere appropriate for your audience, markets, and products. It also involves creating a memorable image that will stay with your visitors and customers. Shade Tree Web Designs understands how important all of these elements are and combines them into your new or redesigned website.


New website design: Even if your small business is new or already established, Shade Tree Web Designs can create a professional and appealing site that adapts to your current needs and situation.

Redesigned websites: Sometimes a website that worked wonders in the past, fails to meet the desired results today. Perhaps you created your first website out of necessity, but now you have the resources for a professional redesign that will get results.

Custom Logos: One of the most important parts of your web design is a custom logo. That image is commonly known as “branding”, and is essential. Your logo is more than just another site graphic.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing: The ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimization was to increase your visibility on the Internet. Google and Bing have made SEO services a thing of the past. Now you must rise to the top with excellent and relevant content. The very best design does you little good if no one can find you. We have the writers and a research team to make that happen at no extra cost to you.

Content Writing: While graphics and pictures make your website look very attractive to the Internet user, Content is King of the Internet. When someone is looking at your website, you have less than 3 seconds to grab their attention, and less than 6-8 seconds to make them understand your company or product. However, the search engines do search your site for relevant information. That content is all-important in being found.

 Why Not Do It Yourself?

A “Do It Yourself” website seems inexpensive and easy to do, right? Not so fast. If you are looking for a “cookie cutter” type of website, it may work for you. But your business is your investment of time and money, and you want it to grow and prosper/profit. Doesn’t it take a great deal of your time now just running the business?

We see so many loose valuable domain names by using "free, cheap, or easy" websites. Over and over I am asked to look a someone's site to see if we could help the page ranking. Often the first thing I see is the "free, cheap, or easy" company is redirecting the bots that search your pages to their website taking any chance of you raising the rank away.

Hiring a professional web designer gives you someone who designs websites on a day-to-day basis. They know the current trends and know how to make your website reflect your business. They will ensure that the graphics and content complement each other, using their resources to optimize your website rankings.

If think you can’t afford a professional web designer? You cannot afford not to use one. The Internet is your most valuable marketing tool and your website needs to be effective, appealing, and relative to your business and needs. A professional web designer will do this for you, making you more available to run your business.

 We only do Joomla sites.

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