Shade Tree Web Designs elm leaf.A “Do It Yourself” website seems inexpensive and easy to do, right? Not so fast. If you are looking for a “cookie cutter” type of website, it may work for you. But your business is your investment of time and money, and you want it to grow and prosper/profit. Doesn’t it take a great deal of your time now just running the business?

We see so many loose valuable domain names by using the "free, cheap or easy" websites. Over and over I am asked to look a someone's site to see if we could help the page ranking. Often the first thing I see is the "free, cheap or easy" company is redirecting the bots that search your pages to their website taking any chance of you rising the rank away. 

Hiring a professional web designer gives you a team of professionals who design websites on a day to day basis. They know the current trends and know how to make your website reflect your business. They will ensure that the graphics and content complement each other, using their resources to optimize your website rankings.

Think you can’t afford a professional web designer? You cannot afford not to use one. The Internet is your most valuable marketing tool and your website needs to be effective, appealing and relative to your business and needs. A professional web designer will do this for you, making you more available to run your business.

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